Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get out HER vote this fall!

Welcome back to campus feminist activists! This fall, we have so much at stake in the mid-term elections on November 2nd – abortion rights and birth control access, the environment, immigrants rights, student loans and education access, marriage equality, and equal pay, so feminists like you must save the day! Mobilize your college to vote today using our Get Out Her Vote website and step-by-step toolkit, which will help you register and engage feminist voters for the general election.

Registration deadlines are fast approaching – the first round of registration deadlines for the November election starts in just 16 days, on Saturday, October 2. Get specific information for your state about voter drives, registration deadlines, and more at our GOHV website.

It’s going to be a very important election – and they are counting on us to be silent. We must prove them wrong and make sure our voices are heard loud and strong this November! Just a few hundred votes could make the difference so start your GOHV campaign today!

If you have questions or want to link up with GOHV campaigns at nearby campuses, call your FMF national campus organizers at 703-522-2214 or email Best of luck this fall, and remember to vote on Tuesday, November 2nd!

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