Thursday, December 18, 2008

NYWLC Update!

Greetings, Feminists!

We know everyone is going on break for the holidays shortly, but we wanted to give you all some quick updates on the National Conference!

  • We've created a facebook event, and we will endeavor to keep it up to date with new developments! RSVP here to be sure you stay in the loop!
  • We've added an exciting Congressional Day of Action on Monday, March 23rd at no additional cost! This is an opportunity for your group to truly take your action from Campus to Congress by joining us on Capitol Hill! The day will include training and actual visits to your Representative and Senator's offices.

  • Registration will open on January 12th, 2009. Early-bird registration will be only $20 per person or $15 for groups of 5 or more for the conference and day of action. Financial Assistance is available - call your Campus Organizer for more information.
Go RSVP to the facebook event and keep an eye on to make sure you're getting all the most up to date info about this exciting conference. Let us know if you have any questions at all, and we're looking forward to seeing you there!

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Compliments of the season! <3, Campus Team

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

SAVE THE DATE! National Young Women's Leadership Conference

Calling all young feminist leaders!!

We've selected a date for the 3rd annual National Young Women's Leadership Conference this Spring! Mark your calendars now to join us for an incredible opportunity to come together and meet other feminist student activists, national leaders, and to discuss feminist issues and activism as they pertain to YOUR life!

The conference will take place on March 21 and 22 in Washington, DC. Further details will be coming your way soon - check back here regularly for the latest scoop!

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's time!

The Feminist Campus team has been more than a little election obsessed for these last few months, so you can imagine how excited we are that Election Day is finally here!

Here is a little voting reminder from Tania and me:

Learn more about the ballot initiatives Tania and I discussed: California | Colorado | South Dakota

Some last minute voting tips:
-Check out the different state voter identification requirements here.
-Remember to keep your political buttons and t-shirts at home; it is illegal to wear them to the polls.
-If anyone at a polling location tells you that you cannot vote, don't leave! Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE for help. Visit for more information on your rights.
-Tell all your friends and family to vote!

It's finally time! Use your voice! Vote as if your life depends on it!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Track Your Races on Election Night

If you're like us, you probably have a long list of things you'll be watching on election night. Well, to make life a little easier for us all, CNN has created a handy dandy tool that allows you to select up to 35 races -- including all important ballot initiatives like 46 and 48 in Colorado, 11 in South Dakota, and 4 and 8 in California (vote NO, by the way) -- to track as the results come in.

Select your races today!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Registration Open! DEFINE THIS: Young Women of Color Creating Change

Conference registration is open - the early-bird registration rate of only $15 is available through October 31st!

This exciting conference will be packed with informative presentations and action-planning workshops. Topics to be covered include:
  • Priorities after the presidential election
  • Global reproductive rights
  • Violence against women of color
  • Climate change
  • Women of color in the media
  • 21st century organizing
  • Environmental racism and much more!
For more information and to register by the October 31st deadline, visit the Conference Website here.

If you have any questions about attending or presenting, contact Patrice Guillory or Danielle Geong by email or by phone (703-522-2214) in the East Coast Office. We hope to see you there!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Yay for absentee ballots :)

Hey everyone, its Mary again blogging from the FMF headquarters. And now its official: I have voted in my first presidential campaign! My mom and sister came to visit from California last weekend and brought my ballot along with them. So later this week (after finally getting all of my homework done, it took forever), I was finally able to sit down at my desk and vote! Of course I've been voting since I turned 18 but since this was my first presidential election, and one of the most important elections I will most likely see during my lifetime, I was definitely excited :) About 30 minutes later, I was done and ready to put it in the mail (helpful hint, remember postage, I had to run back to my room to grab a stamp haha) And that was it! The election is now less than two weeks away....have you voted yet????

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feminist activism abounds in Wisconsin

Hi all!

Val here - Emily and I have been roaming the state of Wisconsin for a little over a week now as a part of the Choices Campus Leadership Program Outreach for Get Out HER Vote. Check out our effort to blend in to the WI scenery on the right! --->

We have been having tons of fun -there are so many fantastic feminists at every campus we've visited! We've had the privilege of talking with them to see what kinds of fabulous activism they're doing, help them with Get Out HER Vote campaigns, and help out with events and programming across campus.

The ultra-engaged student populations we've met are really encouraging. It seems that a lot of folks on Wisconsin campuses are realizing the immense power that rests in the student voice and are organizing to make sure their peers get fired up and out to the polls!

The engagement of students not only on the level of national politics but with state and local initiatives has been fantastic as well - students are organizing around everything from paid sick leave to birth control access in an effort to make sure their needs are met on campus and in their communities.

We'll be posting more later (though we can't promise any better photos!), but we thought we'd drop in an update from the road. Remember, you can follow the campus team's updates on Twitter also at!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Early voting flubs

Florida Secretary of State Kurt Browning has really missed the mark on early voting:

"[Voting] lines are a sign of a healthy democracy, and certainly our democracy is healthy today."

Early voting in Florida began on Monday. According to the Washington Post, voters in Florida waited in line for hours in order to cast their ballots. This is a travesty.

It's great that Florida is offering this opportunity to voters, but it's being very poorly implemented. Voting should be easy, and should not require you to stand outside facing inclement weather.

The voters most hurt by this ineptitude is low-income people, people of color, and women. If these folks are forced to wait at the polls, it is increasingly likely they will have to leave to take care of their other obligations. And these groups are most likely to vote for progressive issues.

Consequently, it is imperative that students work with local elections officials to ensure the voting process goes smoothly on Election Day. If your county is still training poll workers, sign up and get paid to work on Nov. 4th. This will better enable your friends and neighbors to cast their ballots and participate in our democracy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Countdown to E-day!

The general election is in two weeks! Make a pact with your friends to vote on Election Day. Ballot initiatives and races are often won or lost by only a couple hundred votes. You can make a difference both locally and nationally just by casting your ballot.

So fulfill your civic duty, and honor the hard work of Alice Paul and other suffragettes who attained for American women the right to vote in 1920! If you have any questions about voting or your registration status, call your local elections board, or contact your FMF national campus organizer. The West Coast team can be reached at 310-556-2500, and the East Coast organizers' number is 703-522-2214.

Good luck and happy voting!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Election 08: The Intern Experience

Hi everyone! I'm sorry its taken me so long to post, with the election only a few more weeks away life has been crazy :) All anyone can really talk about here in fabulous DC is election, election, election 24/7! Usually all of the interns here (including myself) spend at least a good hour on the internet just catching up on all of the news and various blogs, etc. It can get to be overwhelming, but this is such an important election so its pretty important to keep up with everything that has been going on. I've been registered to vote since the day I turned 18, so I'm anxiously waiting for my absentee ballot to arrive so that I can finally get my vote in. My mom and my little sister are flying out from California to come visit me this weekend, and my mom promised to bring my absentee ballot with her. Family visiting and my ballot, what more could a girl want! I'll do my best to update more regularly, have a great weekend :)

Love from Perez! No on 4 & 8!

Now, I like to consider myself a somewhat "serious" feminist at times but every once and a while I do divulge in a little frivolity. Case in point: Perez Hilton. I was probably the last person to even know of the existence of his world of celebrity gossip and, like so many of you, visit more than I care to admit.

But shame no more! Why you ask? Because Perez just posted our video for "No on 8!" If passed, Proposition 8 would amend California's constitution to eliminate the right for same-sex couples to marry -- a fundamental human right that we all should have.

And that's not the only attack on the ballot this year. Californians must also vote on Proposition 4, an additional amendment to the constitution to ban abortions for women under the age of 18 without parental notification. Heard this one before? That's because California voters have already voted against two similar laws in the past.

But this year's amendment is even more deceptive and dangerous than those in the past. Requiring a 48-hour waiting period, involving the courts to prove your "maturity," making it a crime if you falsify documents, and require victims of rape or incest to officially report a crime or report your family before seeking an abortion.

It's imperative that California voters say "NO on 4" and "NO on 8" this election! Want to learn more? Visit our website to find out just how dangerous both of these amendments would be if passed. Share your knowledge with your friends and family -- especially those who live in CA -- so we can all be aware of the attacks on equality and choice this November.

Third times the charm?

Kudos, Bob Schieffer for putting reproductive choice on the presidential debate agenda! Finally, a question was asked about the role of Supreme Court nominations and Roe v. Wade. The next administration will potentially appoint up to three new justices to the court -- and it only takes one to strip women of their reproductive rights.

So why did it take so long to have this discussion? What did you think about last night's debate? Are the issues you care about being discussed?

Access to abortion and birth control are not the only things at stake in this election. Pay equity, affirmative action, marriage equality and much more are all on the ballot this year.

With only 19 days until Election day, it's time to take action now! Some of you don't have to wait until November 4 to vote with early voting beginning in many states. Organize your campus and march to the polls today to vote as if your life depends on it! And if you can't vote now, keep the debate going by educating your community about why their vote is so important this fall!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Know Your Rights

It's articles like this one in TIME magazine that just get me fired up.

Notice to all election officials:
We WILL register to vote where we go to campus.
We WILL NOT be deterred by long lines or bad weather.
We WILL demand a provisional ballot if our name is not on the roll at our precinct.
We WILL NOT be denied our basic civil rights.
We WILL Get Out HER Vote!

Thank you. :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Campus team at the Breastival!

Emily and Danielle are visiting Danielle's alma mater, American University, this Tuesday to table at the Breastival. The event is a women's health fair and fundraiser for breast cancer research, and it's sponsored by the fabulous Women's Initiative arm of the Student Government.

We'll have information on birth control pricing, crisis pregnancy centers, the Get Out Her Vote campaign, and internships with FMF. We'll also have free stickers and candy, just for fun!

We're tabling 12-5pm, and FMF's Dr. Beth Jordan is leading a free workshop on HPV at 2:45pm in Mary Graydon Center 247. You won't want to miss it!

Voter registration deadlines today!

The presidential election is fast approaching - are you already registered to vote? Voter registration applications to vote in the November 4th general election are due TODAY in 19 states.

If you haven't already registered, visit your Secretary of State's website to download a form or go to Rock the Vote to fill out and print a registration form.

To get registered, bring your completed application in person to your county or municipal registrar's office by 5pm today, or mail an application with today's postmark.

Below are the states where applications are due today:
District of Columbia

If your application is not postmarked by October 6, you may be ineligible to vote in the presidential and general election this November. So exercise your civil rights and get registered to vote!

If you know anyone who isn't yet registered, urge them to think about what's at stake in this election. Remind them their vote impacts people both here and abroad, and that if you don't vote, you don't count in our political system.

If you have any questions about registering or changing your registration, contact your state or county board of elections office, or call us at the DC office at 703-522-2214. So get registered and make your vote count!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Vote NO on 48 in Colorado!!

Voter registration in Colorado ends on Monday, Oct 6. Absentee ballots go out Oct 7. Early voting lasts from Oct 20-31.

While election day (Nov. 4) is still 31 days away, many Colorado voters will casts their ballots in LESS THAN A WEEK!

On the ballot this fall are some critical amendments that threaten the rights of all women, people of color, and marginalized populations in Colorado. The Feminist Majority Foundation's Get Out HER Vote Campaign encourages Colorado voters to VOTE NO on 46, 47, 48, and 49.

  • 46 is an anti affirmative action amendment that threatens to dismantle key governmental attempts toward equality and civil rights--among them, the ability for women gain state-funded contracts. VOTE NO ON 46!

  • 47 is the "right to work" amendment that will create roadblocks for workers seeking to join unions and gaining collective bargaining rights. VOTE NO ON 47!

  • 48 is the "fetal personhood" amendment that would grant full legal personhood, as defined by Colorado state law, to a fertilized egg--stripping a woman of her rights to her body. By giving constitutional rights to a fertilized egg, the amendment could not only ban all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest, but it could also ban emergency contraception, birth control pills, and IUDs. It could even eliminate medical choices like some cancer treatments, in vitro fertilization, and embryonic stem cell research. VOTE NO ON 48!

  • 49 is another union-buster that threatens to take away the power of the political purse for trade unions in Colorado. VOTE NO ON 49!

Spread the word! If you vote in Colorado, VOTE NO on 46, 47, 48, 49! If you have friends or family who vote in Colorado, encourage them to VOTE NO on 46, 47, 48, and 49! The lives and future of women across the country rely on Colorado voters to stand up for women's rights and human's rights.

Vote as if your life depends on it!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ohio feminist activism is healthy and growing!

Hello from the Buckeye State! Danielle (that's me), Val, and Alysse have been on the ground and are excited to work with students, staff and faculty throughout the state to build up the feminist presence on campuses.

Val and I toured 6 northern Ohio campuses last week. We did 11 class visits, and were so impressed with the feminist faculty and students we met. A lot of the feminist student groups are rebuilding, and we'll definitely support them as they gain strength and transform their campuses!

We also visited student health centers and gathered info on birth control, emergency contraception, and pregnancy referral services there. BC pricing has definitely shot up here, as it has on hundreds of campuses nationwide.

This week, Alysse and I are continuing to visit campuses throughout southern Ohio. On Monday, we met with students at Ohio State to get a Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance group launched.

The next day, we spoke to Dr. Kelli Zaytoun's class at Wright State about the importance of voting this November. Afterward, we spoke with the Student Health Services director to continue our survey on BC, EC, and pregnancy referrals.

We spent the night with Alysse's sister in Dayton, then met with faculty at the University of Dayton and University of Cincinnati about brewing up student feminist activist groups on campus.

UC is offering a new Feminist Activism course for Spring '09, and they've been in touch with our friend Dr. Pat Willis at Wake Forest University about the activist course she started there. The UC Women's Center is also utilizing new media to reach students - they're a really fantastic resource, and UC is lucky to have them!

We returned to Wright State on Wednesday evening to meet with the strong FMLA there, and to do another class visit with Dr. Zaytoun.

Today, we're at Miami University, in the southwestern part of the state. I spoke in Dr. Ann Fuehrer's Women's Studies capstone class this morning, and we're meeting with the student leadership of Pro-Choice Miami this afternoon. And tonight, we're off to Kenyon College to meet with students about launching an FMLA at that campus.

The feminist academic community in Ohio seems pretty close-knit, which is so exciting to hear. We'll keep you posted on the rest of the trip!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vote As If Your Life Depends On It!

Hey all, wanted to make sure everyone had seen our new Get Out Her Vote video and pledge! Go to to sign the pledge and tell your friends!

Make sure your voice is heard! Sign the pledge and please share it with your friends! There is a lot at stake for young people this November - we deserve to have a say in our future. Vote!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

North Carolina here we come!

With Virginia in the books, it's onward to North Carolina as we continue to promote civic engagement through our Get Out HER Vote campaign and our upcoming Second Annual Women of Color conference at Bennett College -- right here in Greensboro, NC!

But first we must send a huge thank-you to George Mason University, Hollins University, Virginia Tech, University of Virgina, College of William and Mary, and Old Dominion University for welcoming us in to your campus, classrooms and groups during our trip. Being back on campus (or "grounds" for those of you at UVA), interacting with students, faculty and administration, brought us back to our time as activists on our campuses. Simply put, it is where we love to be and we couldn't have been happier to share our first travel experience with all of you.

Thanks for the memories!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's a little rain?

Our visit to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia was met with a little inclement weather. Well, maybe not so little. More like a nor'easter. But what's a little rain to a feminist? Did you honestly think we were going to let a few rain drops stop us? Ha!

Norfolk has been a hotbed of activity for voter registration this year but, unfortunately, not everything has gone as smoothly as we would like. Students at Old Dominion University (and those at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, as well) have been given inaccurate information from area election officials about their rights to register on campus. Ranging from threats of revoked financial aid to losing your eligibility to be claimed as a dependent on your parents' tax returns, students have been repeatedly discouraged from registering to vote.

With falsehoods such as these we knew that we had to come and set the record straight: yes, you can register to vote where you go to school; no, you will not lose your financial aid or dependent IRS status or receive any other penalty for registering. It's scary to think that there are still people who wish to use scare tactics and inaccurate information to suppress voter participation.

Not to be denied are the students of Vaughan Frederick's "Introduction to Women's Studies" class. Energized, informed and just a tad upset with the election officials, Vaughan's students are making sure their peers know their rights and register to vote on campus. In fact, of the three classes that Professor Frederick teaches, all 120 are registered to vote! After watching our DVD, "What's at Stake in '08" one student exclaimed, "I'm ready to vote!" Now that's what we like to hear!

Our trip was also featured in the school newspaper, Mace and Crown, and highlighted our Get Out HER Vote campaign and the importance of registration, education and mobilization among young women and people of color. We encouraged students to take action on their campus by joining FMLA and promoting feminist activism on campus. With strong support from the Women's Center, Women Studies Department, and professors like Vaughan Frederick, students at ODU are realizing their power, taking ownership of their voice and exercising it to raise the social conscience of their campus!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Swarthmore FMLA continues to be fabulous

Yesterday Emily K. and Emily P. had a great meeting with the Swarthmore College FMLA. Here's FMLA co-president (and former FMF intern!) Urooj Khan on everything her group has been up to.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

(William and) Mary's Enthusiastic Feminists

Was Queen Mary II a feminist? (Warning: I was never much of a history buff and came from the business school -- not the history department). I only ask because I'm curious how a school with the name of a Queen could produce so many amazing feminists and not be a feminist herself?!

Patrice and I met with the fabulous members of FMLA at College of William and Mary for a two-day visit to promote Get Out HER Vote on campus. FMLA hosted a voter registration drive to make sure every last student was registered and informed about the upcoming election. The response was great and, like so many students we've met with so far, most were already registered but eager to learn more about FMLA, pick up a copy of Ms. magazine or grab an absentee ballott application if they were planning to remain registered out of state.

Check out what some of the FMLA members had to say about the voter reg drive:

Adding to the list of feminists on campus, is Sarah Rojas, a student blogger and member of William and Mary's Student Assembly. It was clear after speaking with Sarah for just five minutes that the Student Assembly had mastered voter registration on campus. After creating a simplified online voter registration form that converted into a PDF (that was then quickly printed out on their portable printers), the Student Assembly collaborated with multicultural groups and Greek life by hosting events (such as "Rush the Vote") and nightly tabling until midnight at the library. The result: so far they have registered 2,000 students!

By removing the hassle of wondering what your dormitory address is or risking the chance of letting the registration form getting lost in your book bag, their form offered a drop down menu of campus residences that automatically filled in the physical address and even delivered the form to the registrar for you! How easy is that! And to top it off they even provided an option for students to check if they were interested in becoming a poll worker!

Not to let all that hard work go to waste, the are making sure they mobilize students to the polls and plan to use cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses captured through the online form to remind students to go to the polls. Perfect grassroots organizing 101!

FMLA is planning to continue the discussion about women's informed voting through a panel discussion with ESSENCE: Women of Color and others later this fall. It's so important that we don't stop with simply getting students registered. We must make sure that they are informed about the issues and getting to the polls on Election Day.

And it doesn't stop there! We must continue this discussion and channel the energy that we have seen at colleges like William and Mary nationwide into action even after November 4. And what better way to do that then attend the Women of Color conference?! FMLA, ESSENCE, Sarah and so many others will join us on November 14 and 15 at Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, NC to continue to organize and take action on the many issues addressed in this election. Whoever wins, whoever loses, it is still up to us to develop an action plan and make sure our voices are being heard on the local, state and national level. What are you waiting for? Register now!

So despite what the history books may say, Queen Mary II had to be a feminist, right? Just look at these amazing activists and leaders today! Besides, most history books were written by men anyways. ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From the Road: Creative Activism and GOHV

Hey there everyone, it's Val Vilott, a National Campus Organizer at FMF. I'm currently on the road in Ohio this week with my colleague Danielle Geong. All the organizers are out in the field right now, actually - Danielle and I are a few days into a trip as a part of our Get Out Her Vote Campaign that includes Cleveland State, Oberlin, Bowling Green, Toledo, Kent State, Case Western and more!

The most encouraging part of these travels thus far has been to see that so many students are really thinking outside of the box. The importance of creative activism is something that I can't emphasize enough - it really is what can set your efforts and initiatives on campuses apart. Especially in the midst of the election-year fray, voter-related events on campuses are not particularly unique, and unfortunately can start to blend into the background.

It seems that what makes or breaks events or campaigns on campus is their ability bring something new or fresh to the conversation that resonates with students and tune them back in to the civic engagement efforts. Voter registration tables are really important, but dynamic and exciting programming is what truly gets a campus community fired up. So how do you do it?

As a student organizer, I always wanted my events to be successful and interesting, but it's certainly not as easy as it sounds. From my experiences and talking with students over the past couple days, here's a few tips to get your brainstorming started:
  • Examine what is already being done around the election on campus, and determine what gaps exist. You don't want to develop programming that doesn't meet a need on your campus!
  • While you're looking at what's already in the works, see what opportunities there are for collaboration with other groups. Consider turning several scattered events into a cohesive series of events, so that you can publicize together and build momentum together. Example: Do a "Spotlight On:" Election Series - the Multicultural Students Organization event can address voting among minorities, the Economics Club/Department can highlight and explain economic issues in this election, and your group could have an event to focus on women's issues and what's at stake this November.
  • Remember to be in tune to current issues on your campus and community - pay attention to other initiatives or referenda that might be on the ballot that could affect your school!
  • Encourage people to think past voter-registration. Registration is obviously key, but getting those who are registered out to the polls can sometimes be an even larger task. Organize election-day trips to the polls, contact your county or municipal elections board about working at the polls, and make sure that there is a polling place on campus.
Finally, before Danielle and I run off to meet with some more students, I just want to remind you all that the campus team is always interested in hearing from you all - what's working, what isn't, and what we can do to support your efforts on campus. Feel free to contact us if you want to bounce ideas off of someone, are running into problems, or just want to introduce yourself. We look forward to hearing about the great things being done on your campus!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hollins Feminists Rock!

If only every feminist could attend Hollins University. This peaceful campus inspires you to discover your own voice, follow your passions and supports you with a community of faculty, staff and students every step of the way. The talented women of FMLA organized two days of brunches, lunches, meetings, and events to promote Get Out HER Vote and feminist activism across the beautifully nestled campus in Roanoke, Virginia.

After arriving in the wee hours of the morning, we started our day with a brunch with Hollins faculty and staff and a visit to a first year seminar, "Women Health and Power":

Our trip coincided with Shelby Knox's visit to Hollins to discuss her call to action as shown in the documentary, The Education of Shelby Knox. Shelby (a total feminist) joined Patrice, me and Professors Jill Webber and Jen Boyle for a Get Out HER Vote Panel around women's informed voting. The audience was primed after hearing Shelby's impassioned speech and their enthusiasm continued as we discussed the many issues at stake in this election and the importance that we become critics in demanding we talk more about issues and less about lipstick and cleavage.

Hear some of the reactions from the exciting panel discussion:
Kat Allee, FMLA Treasurer:

Courtney Chenette, FMLA President:

Men are feminists, too! Hear what James had to say about the forum:

Shelby Knox, author, activist and FEMINIST:

Our trip would not have been possible without the endless energy, commitment and organizing skills of FMLA President, Courtney Chenette. It was because of her hard work that we were able to speak with so many students, faculty and administrators. A special thanks to Kat, Paige, Chelsea and all of the many wonderful feminists of FMLA and their faculty advisor, LeeRay Costa, who made our visit so special. To the members of the Black Student Alliance, Global Interest Alliance, Professors Julie Pfieffer and Catherine Leonard and Dr. Jeannine Stewart, thank you for your support of FMLA and feminist ideals.

We were sad to say goodbye to the Hollins family (and the adorable little cottage) and thank you for making us feel like just that -- a part of your family. We look forward to seeing you all again at the Women of Color Conference this November and, in the mean time, will be listening closely to hear of your many accomplishments sure to come!

P.S. Our camera skills continue to amaze:

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting out HER vote with Patriots and Ninjas!

Day one of our three week travels for FMF's Get Out HER Vote campaign began at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Patrice and I met with one of our affiliated groups, the Pro-Choice Patriots, as well as a new outreach group, the Feminist Ninjas. Both were excited about GOHV, full of enthusiasm about the election and eager to begin a year full of feminist activism at GMU.

The entire campus of George Mason was blanketed with voter registration efforts -- including a campus-driven effort, Mason Votes. They even posted our PSA! We were hard pressed to find a student that was not already registered (which is a good thing!) and spoke with a reporter about FMFs campaign and our efforts to make sure young women and people of color are registered, educated and getting to the polls this election! Check out the article here.

A special thank you to the staff of the Women's and Gender Studies Center, Leah Perry, Dr. Saida Hodzic and Dr. Ingrid Sandole-Staroste for welcoming us with open arms into their classes and onto their comfy sofas as we spent the day criss-crossing campus.

Check out our video right before we spoke to Leah Perry's "Queer Theory" class:

After a very long first day, we recapped the highlights of our visit to GMU before hitting the road to Hollins University (note: we're still working out the kinks with the camera -- we're community organizers, not camera operators! :p):

Oh, and a little visit from our resident (unofficial) mascot, Cami (founding member of Camels for Choice):

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Campus Organizers Prep for the Road

Val, Patrice, Tania, Emily, and Danielle are packing up to head out. Over the next few weeks, they'll be visiting Feminist Majority Leadership Alliances (FMLAs) in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.

Here's the schedule thus far:

Sept 15 - 19: Virginia and Pennsylvania
Sept 22 - 26: Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio
Sept 29 - Oct 3 : North Carolina and Ohio
Oct 6 - 9: North Carolina and Ohio
Oct 13 - 24: Wisconsin

If your feminist group is not yet on their calendar and would like to meet up with them, be sure to let us know!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Interns Have Arrived!

FMF's fall interns are here and we are delighted to welcome Mary Werling as our Campus Team intern. Keep your eyes out for new postings by Mary, as well as the rest of the campus team.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Invesco Field...6 hours before Obama's speech

We arrived 6 hours early to get good seats, and well...we did! Check out the video below to see just how great of a view we had for Senator Obama's acceptance speech.

Outside the Pepsi Center in Denver

After a relatively short wait in the security lines, we stopped outside of the Pepsi Center to give you a quick view "from the ground."

One correction from the video I should add, the arena passes we had were not enough to get us to the seats, but thanks to Alice and Susie (who stood in line every morning for the limited number of passes the DNCC doled out), we got the right passes and got in to hear President Clinton and Sen. Biden's speeches!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Video Update from Wendy

Just wanted to give you an inside view of the Big Tent. It's a little dark form my preference Bloggers evidently like their surroundings a little darker than most...guess it's all the bright computer screens. (I'm learning, slowly.)


Live from the Big Tent

We hit up the Politico/Yahoo!/Denver Post events again this morning--this time to hear Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Speaker Pelosi spoke to many of the Democratic Platform issues important to the lives of women (education, immigrant rights, fair pay, healthcare, child care, scientific research, energy policy, reproductive rights, economics, etc.) and reemphasized the need for US citizens at both ends of the political spectrum to unite for the common good.

After a short jaunt to the convention center, we met up with hundreds of women from around the country for the Women's Caucus. Here, we heard up and coming musician Rissi Palmer; FMF friend and CNN contributor Donna Brazile brought the house down with a tribute to Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones and a call for a unified push for equal rights for women--and all Americans; and numerous Hollywood celebs added their voices--including Rosario Dawson, Eva Longorio, and Fran Drescher.

Check out the video below for an update from Margie and me... (Be sure to listen for the tamborines provided by Lifetime. They were a huge hit!)

Women's Equality Day (...and Day 1 of the Convention)

Today was most definitely interesting--and jam-packed! This morning, I headed to a panel discussion on race issues in the election, sponsored by Politico, Yahoo, and the Denver Post. Panelists included from Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (IL), former Virginia governor Douglas Wilder, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, Tavis Smiley, and Dr. Cornel West. Each panelist offered a unique perspective on the current state of race in the election (and the country) that encouraged participants to continue the discussion long after closing questions.

This afternoon, I had the priveledge of celebrating Women's Equality Day (marking 88 years of women voting in the US!) with NOW and the Feminist Majority at the Women's EqualiTEA. National feminist leaders at all levels (from DC Women's Information Network members, to Dolores Huerta, E. Faye Williams, and Congresswomen Maloney, Waters, and Capps) gathered to celebrate women's enfranchisement and remember the Honorable Stephanie Tubbs Jones. Despite the dozens of anti-abortion extremists who brought their messages of hate and fear-mongering, the 500+ EqualiTEA participants stood together in solidarity to remember the focus of the day: women's equality through the right to vote!

Following the EqualiTEA, I attended the tribute to Senator Edward Kennedy and Michelle Obama's keynote speech. Over the course of the 2-hour event, fair pay, Women's Equality Day, health care, education, and a livable wage were all mentioned multiple times! As a feminist, I am glad to hear these important issues being spoken from the podium, but there is much work yet to be done to achieve true equality for women.

On deck for tomorrow...
  • another Politico event featuring Speaker Pelosi (!!!)
  • Women's Caucus event
  • EMILY's List event(s)
  • Senator Clinton addressing the Convention
  • meeting more incredible feminists!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Feminist History by Ellie Smeal

As we prepare for the start of the Convention, Ellie Smeal is giving a history of feminist activism at the political conventions. For this first time convention goer, it's simply awesome to hear how these passionate women have changed the face of politics with their activism.

More to come, but time to take notes for the meeting....

Meeting with CO students today!

We've made it to Denver and we're ready to roll with all of the exciting convention events! First and foremost on our agenda, Campus Team members are meeting with local students this afternoon to Get Out HER Vote here in Colorado. We'll talk specifically about the ballot initiatives threatening choice and affirmative action here in Colorado, how students can get involved on campus, and the obvious importance of taking the feminist voice and vote to the ballot box this November! (For more info on our Get Out HER Vote (GOHV) campaign, check out .)

Throughout this week, we'll be hitting up all of the feminist activities to be found! Stay tuned for daily updates here--and for up-to-the minute info, be sure to follow FeministCampus on Twitter.