Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Will the New Year Bring New Changes?

Happy New Year ya'll!

2010 was a whirlwind of ups and downs! Downs that included the constant attack on reproductive rights, especially abortion, the failure to pass the DREAM Act and the increase in teen suicides amongst LGBTQ youth. With Arizona leading the way on passing the most unequivocally racist pieces of legislation of 2010 with the passage of Arizona’s “Show me Your Papers” law (SB 1070), and the total ban of Ethnic Studies—it makes it hard to recognize and revel in the ups 2010 brought. As dreary and dark as 2010 can be remembered to some, there were still some slight wins in our favor. The passage of the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ ended the long history of discrimination against LGBT military members; as well as the pleasant surprise of mainstream television network MTV airing a special called No Easy Decision that handled the topic of abortion and included medically accurate information about the procedure and the honest discussion about the basics and barriers some women face in accessing it, especially young women.

Hopefully 2011 will reap better days than 2010, but it is hard to say or assume anything with the recent midterm elections shifting the majority in the U.S. House to Republican control for the upcoming years. Now is the best time to get involved in your community and your campus by speaking up, organizing, mobilizing, and being heard on the issues that we cannot compromise!

Some key dates to remember that are an organizer’s dream:

January 22nd: 38th Anniversary of Roe V. Wade
Black History Month & National Condom Month
Women’s History Month
International Women’s Day
3/10: Abortion Provider Appreciation Day
3/12-14: 7th Annual National Young Feminist Leadership Conference in Washington DC
3/24: Back Up Your Birth Control Day
Sexual Assault Awareness Month & National STI Awareness Month
3/28-4/1: “Don’t be Fooled by Fake Clinics” Week of Action
Equal Pay Day
4/15: LGBTQ National Day of Silence
Earth Day & Denim Day
National Women’s Health Care Month
May Day
International Day Against Homophobia

Pride Month

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make an impact early this year and make 2011 a year full of “ups”!
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