Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Last Day of the Women, Money and Power Summit.

Last week after the Senate Finance Committee voted down two separate proposals for a public option (see NY times article here) and approved $50 million a year federal funding to Abstinence-only programs, (reported the AP in an article posted in the Huffington Post), I was rather depressed. (Thanks Senate, it feels like you just punched me in the ovaries TWICE.)

Yesterday however, was the last day of the Feminist Majority's Women, Money and Power Summit, and with such a gathering of strong-minded women who are pro-health insurance reform (including a public option), I can definitely see that the first failure in the senate was just a stepping stone, not a wall.

Feminists such as Senator Boxer, Congresswoman Maloney, and Ellie Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority spoke at a briefing, and we then went outside to the press conference with Speaker Pelosi and several other speakers who rocked my socks off. "We will get health insurance passed this year," was the common phrase, and I certainly believe it.

A few people held up signs that were against health care reform, which reminded all present that though we can get real health care reform, it still will be a fight.

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