Friday, May 14, 2010

Cheers to the FMLA at Cal State Los Angeles

A quick shout out to our FMLA at Cal State Los Angeles. Last night at the school's Student Leader Awards, the FMLA received the award for "Outstanding Contribution to Social Justice" as well as the "Best New Organization of the Year." Not bad at all, feminists!

The group has been involved in raising awareness in the campus and community about issues of inequality and injustice. In February, they put together an event called SAVE (Standing Against Violence Everywhere), where they had an amazing turnout. They had speakers on various topics including Rape in the Congo, Women in Juarez, Human Trafficking, Honor Killings in the Middle East, and Domestic Violence in the United States. There were also performances and an open mic where people shared their personal stories.

They have also done a fantastic job fundraising for the group by holding an "Equality Bakesale"every quarter. They sell baked goods to women for $0.80 and to men for $1.00 to bring awareness to the wage gap between genders.

And a special HURRAH to Alexis Gardner, a former FMF intern, who received the award for "Best Student Leader."

Congrats FMLA!! You are amazing!

Do you have your own awards you'd like to share with us? Let us know by email your accomplishments to!

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