Friday, May 7, 2010

FEMMY for Cal Poly Pomona's Female Sexualty Society

The Femmy for Best Fight Against a CPC goes to the Female Sexuality Society at Cal Poly Pomona!!

After finding that Cal Poly Pomona was renting out office space to a Crisis Pregnancy Center located across the street from a student dorm, the Female Sexuality Society was determined to kick them off school property.

Led by Jackie Lara, the group began to make a plan of action to expose this fake clinic (misleadingly named "Women's Pregnancy Center"). They were going to find out what kind of information this CPC was telling people; bring attention to the CPC by informing the students about what a CPC is; and talk to the administration about shutting the CPC down, or in the very least have "truth in advertising" policy that required the CPC to provide disclaimers about the services they do not provide.

At a health fair in the dorms, Female Sexuality Society encountered a representative from the CPC on campus property. “[She told me] the ‘truth’ about abortion and the various complications which are ‘always’ associated with them,” Jackie said. They knew then that this was issue that affected the health and well-being of the students at Cal Poly Pomona.

After much hard work with tabling, informing students, getting coverage for their story on the Ms. Blog, Choices blog, and, and writing letters to the administration, the school finally listened. They said that they would not be renewing the CPCs lease next year. What a victory! Great work Jackie Lara and Cal Poly Pomona! You deserve your FEMMY!

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Helen said...

Great article. Well done Cal Poly Pomona!

AliB said...

Glad to see the campus group was really able to get word out, educate the students and persuade the campus authorities to do something about it. This group (and all those involved) ROCK!!!