Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet the new campus organizers!

The Feminist Majority Foundation is excited to welcome two new campus organizers to our Campus Team. Myra Duran and Meghan Shalvoy are both former student leaders of the Bruin Feminist for Equality and the Stony Brook Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, respectively, and will undoubtedly prove to be amazing resources for the activists with whom they will be working!

Some more information on these two talented women:

Myra Duran (left) graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a B.A. in Women's Studies with a concentration in women of color feminism and a minor in labor and workplace studies. As a student activist, she interned for Gabriela Network, U.S.A., the Dolores Huerta Foundation, the California Construction Academy, and the Feminist Majority Foundation. She spearheaded FMF's Campaign to Expose Fake Clinics at UCLA with Bruin Feminists for Equality. Myra also served on the Young Women’s Leadership Council for the Pro-choice Public Education Project. Myra says she is really excited to be a part of the CHOICES Campus Team, especially looks forward to fostering the love she has for activism, young students, the power of voice, and women's rights. Myra will be working out of our West Coast office in Los Angeles.

Meghan Shalvoy (right) is a recent graduate of Stony Brook University and the former President of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at Stony Brook. Her decision to major in women’s and gender studies at SBU was largely fueled by her desire to advocate for women’s reproductive rights, and through the WGS program she interned for Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic and New York State Senator Brian X. Foley. Meghan is also the former co-chair of the National Organization for Women-New York State (NOW-NYS) Young Feminist Task Force, and has made multiple trips to Haiti this past year to volunteer at a free medical clinic run by Raising Haiti. Meghan will be working out of our East Coast office in Washington.

Welcome Myra and Meghan!


Meghan said...

And Myra and Meghan rocked the house on the Fake Clinics panel at the 2010 NYFLC!

Anderson said...

That's amazing for sure!