Friday, February 12, 2010

bound4life propaganda

So I just found this little number and thought I would share. Apparently Bound4life, an anti-choice organization,has pulled together a video claiming that Planned Parenthood is nothing more than an epicenter for racial genocide. Interesting. They have made this video, full of historical information not relevant and out of context, to propagate their agenda to close facilities that provide abortion and family planning services.

They claim that Planned Parenthood has built its facilities in areas with higher numbers of Black and Hispanic population, because they want to target that population for more abortions.Not because these communities are lacking resources and sex education to prevent unwanted pregnancies, or have the finical capabilities to seek private abortions. Even if this were true, WHICH IT IS OBVIOUSLY NOT, this claim is insulting to women and families in these communities. The women seeking abortion and family plannings services aren't naive, as bound4life would like you to believe. The women who seek abortions are doing so for a reason. I highly doubt that Planned Parenthood has cast some sort of spell on their communities forcing all the women to have abortions. Apparently Bound4life doesn't believe these women are strong and smart enough to make their own choices. Furthermore I have a hard time digesting this video as fact, knowing it comes from an organization that doesn't support a woman's right to choose.

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Lauren said...

I can't even watch the video I get too upset.