Friday, February 12, 2010

Feminist Who? Kerry Rose

Kerry is an amazing politically active woman. I have the pleasure of working for her every so often. She is very passionate about political justice and staying active. She also happens to be married to an amazing man, my Dad! Hurray Kerry rocks!

Name: Kerry
Age: 57
City: Los Angeles (LA GIRL)
Occupation: Business Owner

1. Why do you Identify as a feminist?

I identify as a feminist because I view the world and live my life advocating women's rights on the basis of political, social and economic equality to men.

When I was young they asked me if I wanted to be a “first lady” not if I wanted to be “president.” I had to take cooking and sewing classes while my male friends took wood and auto shop. At 17 I started college. It was 1970 and at that time women were just starting to be admitted to graduate law or medical programs in any significant numbers.

My degree in biochemistry from Berkeley allowed me to get prestigious jobs at UCLA Medical School and with a company associated with Stanford University, however, my pay for the same work was always less than my male counterparts. Males were considered heads of households and women had “extra income” jobs. I now own my own business and equal work gets equal pay.

I was lucky though, my father taught me how to work on cars. My mother instilled in me a need to be independent and stand on my own. Both of my parents expected the same success from me as they did my brother. They did not want me to be a marginalized part of society but an active member.

And I have paid this forward with my daughters and women friends. I advocate and support them emotionally and financially their efforts to become educated and independent.

2. What Kind of feminist issue interest you?

I don’t think you can separate one feminist issue from another. They are all interdependent. The bottom line is - the more economic power you have the more social and politically equality you can obtain. Having the best possible education affords you the most options and access to economic freedom. Economic freedom allows you to have the life you want and to have the power you want.

As they say “knowledge is power” and my passion is education.

3. What kind of work do you do in your regards to these interest?

I put my money where my mouth is. I spout a feminist agenda and I donate to those institutions and causes that support feminist issues and social justice; CAL Berkeley Alumni Association, the United Negro College Fund, Plan Parenthood and NOW just to name a few. I contribute heavily to political candidates and elected officials that support the rights and equality of women.

Supporting women’s issues also benefits greatly other marginalized segments of society.

4. who are your feminist heroes?

My feminist heroes were the women at the front of the line. They were the women astronauts. They were the early frontier women. My feminist heroes were the first female war journalists. And of course there was Doris Day. She always had fabulous clothes, a fabulous hubby and fabulous kids but most importantly a fabulous high paying interesting career. She was the only woman on screen who had it all in 1960’s and I wanted to be her.

5. if you could say one thing to all the women and girls in the world what would it be?
Make your life about YOU. Go to school. Keep on learning your whole life. Never give up.

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J.Francesca said...

You couldn't have chosen a better woman to honor as a Feminist!
I am thrilled to be counted in her long list of fabulous friend.
I was born "back back back, in the day" - also encouraged to be a teacher or a nurse to supplement my husbands income--BUT, my Mom said, BE the doctor, travel,read, read,read some more,and take care of YOURSELF-Never regretted the advise! Kerry personifies it!