Friday, February 5, 2010

Feminist Who? Frank Perez

So who is the next Feminist Who? Why it's Frank my intern friend. Frank and I sit side by side at the Feminist Majority Foundation. He is very passionate about campus organizing and works tirelessly at his campus. Read on my friends.

Name:Frank Perez
Location:Los Angeles

1. Why do you Identify as a feminist?
I identify myself as a feminist for several reasons:
A. I believe in universal morality that allows for all human being to be equal and have the same rights regardless of any difference that are perceived.
B. I believe that our socialized gender roles are harmful to women and thus do not allow them to be all that they can be.
C. I believe that we can no longer sit by as the injustice of inequality keeps all humans beings from achieving their goals and are forced into subjugation.

2. What Kind of feminist issue interest you?
Sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women, equality in the work environment which includes conditions, pay, and benefits, reproductive freedoms and women's health care issues.

3. What kind of work do you do in your field of interest?
I work diligently in the humanistic field that encompasses feminist issues, I am an active member of the FMLA chapter at my school and work side by side with other feminist on my campus on raising awareness on the injustices that women face.

4. Who are your feminist heroes?
Some of my feminist heroins are Dolores Huerta, Sor Juana De LA Cruz, Hillary Clinton, and Betty Friedan to name a few.

5. If you could say one thing to all the women and girls in the world what would it be?
Never allow yourself to be devalued, you are human and that means that regardless of race, class, or gender you are an equal member of the human collective.

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