Monday, August 9, 2010

Defending The Decision

On August 4, 2010 Judge Vaughn Walker bravely ventured forward with equality instead of holding the state of California back along with the many other states in our union who still have a ban on gay marriage. Justice Walker, the Chief Justice of the northern California federal district believes in a right wing conservative legal approach.The monumental decision struck down California's ban on same sex marriage and ruled that Proposition 8 was unconstitutional. This decision will inevitably be appealed as the anti-gay marriage groups went straight to work, the case could ultimately make it's way to the Supreme Court. If the case makes it to the Supreme Court, the decision could set a major precedent for the country around the issue of gay marriage. What makes his decision even more memorable is the fact that he was nominated by George H.W. Bush, in 1989, and everyone is familiar with the Bush's and their feelings and treatments towards LGBTQ people, poor people, people of color and just about every minority group.

Groups like the National Organization for Marriage, (NOM) the American Family Association (AFA) and Prop 8 campaign leaders have come together to appeal this decision. As religious affiliated groups, NOM is notorious for the violence that they preach against the LGBTQ community. Not only are these groups rallying together for an appeal but they also are getting together to take over Congress. These groups along with other religious affiliated groups have rallied together to organize and pressure Congress to impeach Judge Walker because of his decision for equality. Claiming the Judge Walker "frustrated the will of seven million Californians" The argument is that marriage policy is not regulated by the federal constitution, therefore it is the state, according to the tenth amendment, to define marriage. But this argument can be countered with the Fourteenth amendment, this prohibits states from denying any of it's citizens from life, liberty and property. Also includes the equal protection clause, and defines citizenship.

Fundraising initiatives have begun to push this anti gay marriage agenda. Courage Campaign is a group trying to fight back and protect the decision that was made, fundraising for the appeals process but also for their "Equality on Trail" campaign. This campaign would have the trail televised to viewers as the we prepare for a tough battle on the road to equality!

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