Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Degrassi for the Win: First Transgender Teen in Scripted TV History

As you may know, I'm way in to Degrassi (read about my analysis of Degrassi's feminism here). Therefore, I'm happy to announce the radness of my favorite show, which will introduce Adam in the tenth season, the first transgender teen with a recurring role in scripted TV history (edited for all those who noted that there have been transgendered teens on Law and Order)!

Teen Nick, the channel that now produces Degrassi, was pretty legit about the whole thing: they contacted GLAAD to have a representative review their script to make sure it was fair and accurate. They also are working together with GLAAD and PFLAG to create a PSA about being transgender that will play every time the channel airs the 2-part coming out episodes.

Yeah, Degrassi has been featuring really great portrayals of gay, lesbian, and bisexual teens for a while (Marco, Alex and Paige are three old school characters). They've received two GLAAD nominations for "Outstanding Teen Drama". This year for the win!!!!

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