Wednesday, March 3, 2010

40 days for life is back at it again

Hello feminist activists,

As an FMF intern and Cal State LA FMLA member, I’m back blogging about a crucial issue that is near and dear to my heart. Anti-choice organizers are at it again – as its kick-off campaign for 2010, 40daysfor(so-called) life fanatics are harassing women out in front of local comprehensive women’s health and Planned Parenthood clinics from February 16 – March 28th. And these anti-abortion zealots are targeting womyn’s health care providers in 167 cities across the country. For a complete list of the clinics they are harassing with protest, you may visit their anti-abortion website here: (Please note: this is an anti-choice website.)

This campaign of fear and intimidation makes it all the more important for us as students to develop meaningful relationships with comprehensive womyn’s health care providers in our communities. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to find out who your providers are and to reach out to help them and offer to help.

Because many anti-abortion protesters like to demean and harass every and any person looking to enter a womyn’s health center, a positive, safe, pro-choice presence outside targeted clinics can help support patients and clinic employees. I have seen these people in action firsthand as a pro-choice advocate, activist and clinic defender. Their actions against womyn’s clinics and the patients they serve are outrageous. This is why we as students need to step up and out to protect and support our local clinics. And this is why the FMF’s Choices Campus Leadership Program is launching its new Adopt-A- Clinic Program.

It is equally important to work with your clinic in the ways they want your help – whether they need help with clinic escorting, legal observing, or if they simply need more clinic volunteers.
I hope all you this month will take it upon yourselves to each out to your local womyn’s health clinics and offer to help where it is needed. Especially since March 10th is National Abortion Providers Appreciation Day! Help stop anti-abortion harassment and defend our right to choose. We should always remember to trust womyn and their bodies!

Frank Perez, FMF CHOICES intern

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