Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Real Men Eat Chips

There are so many advertisements for products out there that reinforce ideas of masculinity. We have seen recent examples from this year's Superbowl. Some more examples of these ads can be found on the website, Sociological Images. The post I found cited examples from products like Klondike Bar, Alpo, Oberto beef jerky, and Ketel One.

The main focus was on a website for McCoy Crisps where you go to a virtual bar, play darts, participate in drinking games, and learn manly tips like how not to iron. The site is quite humorous because it seems like the company is trying so hard to specifically target "manly men". Is there really something so innately masculine about chips, or ice cream bars and dog food? People do not realize that when they fall for these marketing ploys they are falling into the trap of masculinity. These ads just prove that the idea of masculinity is fabricated and perpetuated by the media. A lot of these concepts are so ridiculous that if they were not consistently pushed on us by TV, newspaper, etc., we would realize how primitive they truly are.

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