Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Don’t Be Fooled by Fake Clinics Action Series: Proposing Truth in Advertising Policies on Campus

It is very important to establish "Truth in Advertising" policies on campus. The first questions are, does your health center refer students to CPCs and does your local CPC advertise on campus including in the newspaper? Propose that your Campus Health Center stop referring to CPCs. If they continue to do so,request placement of a disclaimer explaining that CPCs are limited-service facilities that do not offer services or referrals to abortions or birth control.

Do the same for advertisements on campus. If they advertise in the newspaper, talk to the editor get them to offer a disclaimer in the ads saying that CPCs do not offer services or referrals to abortion or birth control. Check out our "Establishing Truth in Advertising" Policies in our new CPC kit.

You should also talk to you Student Senate. Find a Pro-Choice member of the Student Government and ask to get a "Truth in Advertising" Resolution passed on campus! Check out the truth in advertising component in our CPC materials!

Photo courtesy of flickr.com/arimoore

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Jonathan said...

Great work!
I'm looking forward to streaming the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference online tomorrow!!!