Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Short Bite

If you are like me, you cringe when you hear about the explosive, all-encompassing Twilight phenomenon among young people. From midnight premiers, deafening screams, and week-long camp-outs, the twilight phenomenon clearly reigns supreme among teens. But this has simply gone too far. Teens are now physically biting each other to "demonstrate their love." Bite marks have even become a new status symbol. Does anyone else see this is as a MAJOR problem? If this vampire craze leads young adults, both boys and girls, to associate a physically violent act like biting with a romantic gesture-- we are in serious trouble. Sex education classes need to reiterate the fact that "No Means No" and that physical violence (in any form) should NOT be accepted in a relationship.
See past Ms. Magazine blog for more details.


Anonymous said...

I'm hesitant to say that biting is an outright negative thing. If someone consents to being bitten and genuinely finds pleasure in it, then I don't see why this behavior should be seen as a negative romantic expression.

I do agree that there need to be better sex ed classes. The ability to understand consent, physical violence, and when someone is being abusive is very important.

Nneka said...

Um, this is indeed unusual but I think you are going way too far with the "physical violence" thing. This is CONSENSUAL behavior. As long as both parties are giving consent, the allusion to domestic violence is seriously flawed. By that logic, BDSM is wrong too.