Friday, July 30, 2010

Thank you Time Magazine!

Thank you Time Magazine, for bringing to light some of the work the Feminist Majority Foundation has been doing for years. If the United States pulls out of Afghanistan before a stable government is set in place, women and girls are likely to face institutional violence at the hands of the extremist organizations that will rise in the midst of a power vacuum. Whether or not you support the war in Afghanistan, the fact of the matter is things will be worse for women if the Taliban gains control of the country.

The Feminist Majority Foundation has been working on a Campaign for Afghan Women & Girls since 2002. FMF works to raise awareness on college campuses through our Choices Campus Leadership Program, supports Afghan and Pakistani women to pursue higher education in the United States through scholarships, engages in policy research and strategy development with leaders of the United States Congress and the White House, and also provides direct assistance to NGOs in Afghanistan.

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Baki said...

The American military (and its contractors) did not go into Afghanistan to liberate women. Conditions for women have gotten worse during America's occupation. Here is a link to a piece that directly responds to the claims made in that Time article.“liberating”-the-women-of-afghanistan/