Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Tragedy in Haiti Continues for Women and Girls Living in the Tent Cities

Here is a video clip I found about the issues facing women in Haiti in the aftermath of the tragic 7.0 earthquake that took place in January 2010. The progress in Haiti thus far has been so slow. People currently live in camps with scarce resources, no security and no lighting at night. It is now seven months after the catastrophe and Haitian women and girls are still vulnerable! Many women live as widows, they are surrounded by strangers and have young children to care for.

Walking to use the toilet at night can quickly turn into a dangerous situation. Rape and sexual assault are daily occurrences in Haiti's Tent Cities; both women and children as young as 2 are falling victim.

The women of Haiti are strong however and refuse to back down so this video clip gave me some hope. Those who have been raped are trying to form support groups to prevent others from having to experience the same horrors. Haitian women are taking matters into their own hands and trying to rebuild the foundation of their community which was hit so hard by the natural disaster. The women are banding together to make sure that the people who do fall victim get proper care - especially, sexually transmitted disease and HIV testing, as Haiti has the highest infection rates in the Western hemisphere.

Women are working together to protect themselves and their families. Security is necessary in these Tent Cities because the spike in sexual attacks could potentially cause even more social and health issues for the country. These people have suffered enough. Progress must be made at a quicker pace for the sake of those who are vulnerable!

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