Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Coming to National Young Feminist Leadership Conference from the West Coast?

The FMF's National Young Feminist Leadership Conference is taking place March 20 - 21 with a Congressional Action Day on March 22 in Washington, DC. We are already planning up a storm and you won't want to miss this incredible chance to hear amazing speakers, network with young feminists from across the country and meet with your members of Congress.

If you're coming from the West Coast, check out these SUPER CHEAP FARES on Virgin America. You have to book by Dec. 15th, but these are great prices!

The NYFLC website and registration will be open soon! For more information on the conference, hotels, costs, and how to finance your travel, contact your Campus Organizer at 1-866-444-FMLA (East Coast) or 1-866-471-FMLA (West Coast).

Hope to see you there!


Emily said...

Sweet! Does this mean the WC organizers will be booking their tickets soon??

Danine said...

I'll be there! And yes, at 30 I am still a "young" feminist, just ask me!

jacsun said...

We hope Emily, but who knows!