Monday, December 21, 2009

Stony Brook FMLA Takes Action on Anti-abortion Misinformation!

As you may have read in Tania's earlier post, the anti-choice organization, Human Life Alliance, has taken to purchasing ad space for full-page inserts overflowing with false, misleading, anti-abortion misinformation in college newspapers! The sickening trend was written about by Robin Marty here on RH Reality Check.

When Meghan Shalvoy, President of the Stony Brook Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA), saw one of these bogus inserts in her school paper, she took action!

Meghan has been circulating fact sheets with medically accurate information, gathering petitions and writing op-eds for campus publications. Now her activities have been featured on RH Reality Check !

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) and anti-abortion organizations like Human Life Alliance are constantly targeting women on college campuses with their false information. To learn how you can take action on your campus, read Meghan's story and join the FMF's Campaign to Expose Fake Clinics.

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