Friday, December 4, 2009

Help your neighborhood women's orgs!

The thermostat is finally registering winter, which means a) holiday/finals madness and, more importantly b) baby it's cold outside. Consequently, it's an important time to keep supporting your local women's organizations!

Here in DC, the lack of an autonomous government has profound human consequences. To make things worse, the District of Columbia slashed social services funding this fall, which has left DC organizations scrambling to keep their doors open. Direct service organizations that assist women need your help to continue providing critical resources for DC's most vulnerable women and families.

The domestic violence nonprofit Women Empowered Against Violence (WEAVE) ran a successful 10-day campaign this September to raise $85,000 so WEAVE could stay open. But WEAVE still needs support and volunteers to continue providing their services. Check out this list of ways you and your groups can help!

House of Ruth, a housing and shelter program for homeless women and families (many of whom are DV survivors), has been promised DC funding but does not have a dedicated funding stream to make up the $500,000 cut in their grants.

The Women's Collective, a well-regarded HIV/AIDS prevention and counseling organization, continues to lose DC funding while poorly-managed HIV programs receive millions. This, in a city with the highest HIV rate in the nation. This, in a city Congress singles out to attack needle-exchange programs that reduce the transmission of HIV.

'Tis the season to fight patriarchy and help a sistah out. Your friendly FMF campus organizers are hosting a holiday party to benefit Bread for the City. This week and next we're collecting food, used clothes, and items for the BFTC wish list. If you are interested in joining forces, drop us a line at Or plan a drive or event to benefit your favorite progressive cause.

Want to donate to FMF and help us advocate for women in the US and around the world? You can do so online or with a good old-fashioned check payable to the Feminist Majority Foundation. Checks can be sent to FMF at 1600 Wilson Blvd., Suite 801, Arlington VA, 22209. Call us at 703-522-2214 if you need more info!

Let us know how you're getting active this winter! Stay warm and happy activism!

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