Thursday, December 10, 2009


The Feminist Majority Foundation's Campaign to Expose Fake Clinics has targeted misleading advertisements in college newspapers throughout the year. Many of you are no stranger to "Pregnant? Scared? Need Help?" ads in your newspaper and have taken your school paper to task for advertising for fake clinics that lie to women about their reproductive health.

It seems that small quarter ads of false and misleading information just won't do anymore. In the first of what will surely be an enlightening/infuriating series from Robin Marty at RH Reality Check, we learn that anti's have now taken to FULL PAGE INSERTS!

Truth in Advertising? Not From Human Life Alliance |

So what do you do after you've burned this 12 PAGE rag? Take this issue to the people and form a coalition to demand that your Student Government sign on to a resolution to keep your campus health center and your campus newspapers free of CPCs!

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Emily said...

The Stony Brook University FMLA has been dealing with this exact insert!

They have gathered signatures in protest and have been talking to the newspaper staff about their advertising policy:

alliemcd said...

This is completely outrageous. Upon further investigation, I've found that the "icare..." booklet is actually being promoted by HLA in a way that tries to equate the anti-abortion movement with the "green" movement. From their website: "With the growth of the current eco-friendly, 'go-green' movement, students are constantly urged to search for new ways in which to preserve the environment. icare... is designed to encourage students to recognize our world's most precious (and often wasted) resource-human life!" Well, well...that's an...interesting way to look at it.

Danielle said...

Based on the numbers in Marty's post, it costs $570 to publish the ad in UWRF's 3000 print issue papers.

If we wanted to extrapolate, HLA's 30 million inserts in campus newspapers could feasibly rack up some $5.7 million in advertising costs.

That's an awful lot of money, too bad it's being wasted on misleading ads instead of on giving women medically based info and care. Anyone want to research the finances of these organizations?