Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Don't Let Sirius XM Radio Bully Women's Health Care Providers!

Sirius XM anti-abortion shock-jock Andrew Wilkow is targeting the Northland Family Planning Centers of Michigan. Since last Friday, Wilkow has urged his listeners to call and harass the clinic on three different shows!

Wilkow's malicious rants are jamming up Northland's phone lines and patients are not able to get through to clinic staff - even if there is an emergency.

When the Northland Family Planning Centers owner contacted the radio show last Friday about stopping this outrageous harassment and to explain how jammed phone lines are threatening women's lives, a man who answered the radio show's phone line said, "Hey, the bitch from the abortion clinic is on the phone!"

Without women's health care providers like Northland Family Planning, there is no choice!

Now it's time for us to tell Sirius XM radio to stop this outrageous harassment! Join us today and send emails to Sirius XM executives, letting them know how outraged you are about Wilkow's attacks. Here's a sample Action Letter:

Dear Sirius XM Chief Executive Officer Mel Karmazin:
Dear Sirius XM President Scott Greenstein:
Dear Sirius XM General Counsel Patrick Donnelly:

We are outraged over the unconscionable on-air taunting and verbal attacks by Sirius XM talk show host Andrew Wilkow against Northland Family Planning clinic in Detroit, Michigan and we request that you immediately stop Wilkow from continuing these hateful attacks

Over the past four days, Wilkow has outrageously singled out Northland Family Planning clinic three times, urging supporters to call the clinic with anti-abortion messages. These calls have jammed clinic lines for hours and prevented dozens of patients trying to reach clinic staff to make appointments or to receive follow-up care.

As a result, women’s lives and reproductive health are literally being put on the line by your employee, Andrew Wilkow.

When Northland Family Planning clinic owner tried to call into the station and ask Wilkow to stop his attacks, a man answered the phone; after identifying herself, the man called her a bitch repeatedly. This response is unprofessional, unethical, and outrageous.

Sirius XM radio’s programming and conduct is interfering with a lawful and essential women’s health care provider in Michigan, while promoting intolerance for women’s reproductive rights and health. I am appalled by these malicious actions.

I beseech you to stop hate-jock Andrew Wilkow from continuing to harass and bully lawful women’s health care providers.


Your Name

Thank you for joining us in the fight to protect vital women's health care services!

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Caroline said...

Thank you for posting this. Mel Kamazin's email is bouncing back - is there another way to contact him?

ClinicEscort said...

Caroline, the name is actually Mel Karmazin, My email to that address hasn't bounced back. (And if I get a reply, I will certainly report back.)

Danielle said...

Thanks ClinicEscort - I've updated the post to include the correct email.

Robert said...

I listened to those shows referenced above. This blog is a total misrepresentation of the exchange.

Kick ass Wilkow.

David said...

Anything to get attention from the media. This is truly sad. The number is a public number. It is there for anyone to use.

Anonymous said...

You are taking this all the wrong way. Why don't you listen to both sides of the story?

Mr. Wilkow simply said that if anyone had questions or concerns to call Northland Family Planning. And he have out there phone number because it is PUBLIC information. The phone number is on their promotional video on youtube AND their website. He didn't insist that people call and harass the organization. And even so, does Northland only take calls from people who agree with everything they do? People are calling because they disagree with what they do, and suddenly they don't want to take calls?

Wilkow is not an intolerant "hate-jock" who finds sick pleasure in sabotaging people who disagree with him, no matter how much you tell yourselves that. Yes, he was disgusted with the video produced by Northland, and he expressed his disgust... but guess what, that's his right! It's his right to express that. You can't stop people from speaking freely. Wilkow will only laugh at this e-mail.. and actually he just did. I'm listening to his show right now.

If you were listening to the program just now, you would have heard his call screener explain that the woman from Northland who called the station used the same "unethical" language before the call-taker said much of anything. "Don't f*** with me" is what she said before he even got a change to call her any names at all. Why should they be able to speak to Sirius that way but the people at Sirius cannot speak to Northland that way? It's hypocritical and only makes Northland look worse.

greedyg said...

You Libs have got to be kidding me! Wilkow simply repeated a phone #, which by the way was posted for public view, and told listeners to call and give their opinion of the video. No urges to call the clinic w/ "anti-abortion" messages were made. This is a flat out false statement.
The Northland Family Planning Clinic should be thanking Wilkow for the free advertising!



greedyg said...

too bad they took down the video, they must have realized how absurd it was...

Jersey Devil said...

Do You REALLY think Mel Karmazin is going to care about Andrew Wilkow's Rant on Abortion or giving out a publiclly listed # on YOUTUBE! When Howard Stern is employed there, having women have orgasms on the radio, or do you not have what it takes to complain about Howard that you think Andrew is a smaller targer! Wrong Answer. Abortion is not the answer to the question "how can we enjoy devient sexual behavior w/0 consequenses!"

Scrotundal said...

I am a transgender, paraplegic, Latino-African-Native American. Any scrutiny of me or what I have to say, and I will refer to you as a homophobic, paraphobic, racist, child molester and attack your character rather than your point. I think this way mainly because using logic is over-rated, and life should be run by irrational emotions; anyone who thinks otherwise is just mean. You’re so mean Andrew!
On a serious note, I am an avid listener of the Wilkow Majority. When I hear that “Powering up…” intro, I can hardly contain myself at my desk; I care barely refrain from reciting the entire intro aloud at my desk. Today’s show might have been one of the best that I have ever heard in my life; I was very impressed. Those trash cans that orbit the earth have rightfully been renamed Wilkow Satcom1, Wilkow Satcom2, and Wilkow Satcom3, respectively.
Northland Family Planning clearly proves the point that Andrew likes to consistently make: those with the loudest voice for tolerance are the most intolerant of people (as seen in the false claims made against the fusion of rational thought and political analysis).

Mean Capitalist said...

Northland Family Planning is offering $10 off your next abortion via a web coupon! What savings!

Anonymous said...

This is completely ridiculous. When the libs get the least bit of heat or annoyed, they resort to child like tantrums. Why do they have to over-exaggerate the truth (or outright not telling the truth in this case).

Get your panties out of a knot and grow up. This is America where the 1st amendment is grand and should be protected at all costs...oh and yes.....CAPITALISM IS BOSS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank you profusely for adding the emails of the Sirius executives, Now I know how to get in touch with them and tell them the truth about Northland's video and the fact that Wilkow was only repeating the phone number that Northland themselves put out to the public after critiquing that ridiculous video trying to brain wash women into thinking they are not "bad" people for getting an abortion.

Truly the words from Satan himself!!!

P.S.- Abortion is EVIL, end of story! I am also pro choice, you can "choose" to not have a penis enter your vagina or you can raise a child or at least carry it for 9 months and give it up for adoption! Don't want a baby? Then don't have sex genius.

Anne said...

This is one of the most absurd blog posts I have ever read! If a woman has a medical emergency she should go to the hospital. Note: a medical emergency does not include coming up on the last day you're legally allowed to murder your baby. I applaud Andrew Wilkow's efforts to stop the selfish, senseless murders of babies by sexual deviants and their "doctors". God bless Andrew!

John said...

Wilkow is right, you are wrong. End of story !!!!!

John said...

threatening women's lives


saving babies' lives

Neodean said...

Demonize a corporate entity. Misrepresent the facts. The same old tired liberal playbook. Get some new material.

The argument cannot be broken.

Capitalism is BOSS!

mike gore said...

Andrew is right and you are wrong and thats the end of the story

John said...

"You say you are for freedom except when it comes to a woman choosing her destiny. "


there is a reason a person is charged
with 2 murders, when they kill a pregnant woman

Anonymous said...

You guys need to moderate this blog. It has been taken over by a bunch of neo-nazi thugs. Andrew Wilkow, Nick Rizzuto and a whole host of others are Nazi's