Friday, December 4, 2009

One Place I DON'T Need a GPS

I don't like stupid products. As an environmentalist opposed to waste, senseless consumption and the human rights violations incurred on the world as a by-product of consumerism, stupid products represent one of the highest forms of waste, extreme consumption, and (That rant will start with agricultural factory workers being poisoned by the chemicals they work with and not even getting paid a living wage in Venezuela [which, since factory jobs there are overwhelmingly occupied by women, is something I consider a feminist issue], point out Italy's laws that prevent immigrants from the Phillippines from getting jobs outside of the menial service sector [which, since stereotypes about women's roles prevent men from being able to get jobs as caretakers, means that women are the ones being exploited and limited are primarily women], and may end up with Das Kapital and GMOs. You are warned.)

Just a few days ago, however, BUST Magazine had a blog post about this creepy piece of work: GPS IN LINGERIE.

The gps device is SEWN INTO the bodice, and a password is required to find out where that specific gps signal is located.

So Let's decompress the "pros" and "cons" of a product such as this:

  • Your significant other will never have to wonder where you are! In case, you know, they have control issues and want to stalk you.
  • It does turn off.
  • In the case the wearer is kidnapped or murdered, she could be more easily found
  • Its a sexy game of hide and seek!

  • Cons:

  • HACKERS. PASSWORDS. So much for feeling safer!
  • My personal opinion is that pagers are not sexy. I imagine it might get in the way of *ahem* activities. But, if that's what floats your boat or inflates your intertube, that's chill--riding the metro must be a really fun experience. (okay, humor aside--)
  • If a significant other wants to know the location of their partner, they should know that through the process of acquiring technology, people-kind have invented this thing called a telephone, whereby they could call and ask about said pertinent information. It would be more communicative, and would lessen the possibility of awkward surprise appearances. Its creepy and controlling if they expect to be able to know where their significant other is at all times.
  • What is the chance that one will actually be wearing this GPS when they are murdered or kidnapped?
  • Consider domestic violence situations: what if bodice-wearer goes sonewhere abuser doesn't like--such as a treatment center--but has to face the dilemma of risking anger by turning their GPS off, or anger by going to an "unapproved place"? (Let's assume that if she/he is running away, she will turn the gps off and to avoid being found.)
  • Consider victims of sex trafficking, and how the only person likely to have that password would be their pimp. Similar concept about needing to run away.

  • Why does the GPS need to be located in the underwear? It seems to me if one should want a gps somewhere, there are a bunch of other places to put it. Could it be, perhaps, that the placement in the lengerie represents keeping control over female sexuality?

    Seriously though, why the creepy factor?

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