Friday, April 2, 2010

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

According to the Department of Justice, 1 in 6 women will face some type of sexual violence in their lifetime. One of the ways to work to eliminate this violence is to raise awareness.
Don't know how to raise awareness for sexual assault on your campus?

The blog Stop Street Harrassment has a list of great ideas for events you can have on campus and ways you can help out.

Included on the list are some of the events my school's Women's Initiative is putting on in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month:
  • From April 5-11, the campus will be hosting a Clothesline Project. We will hang t-shirts decorated with statistics, personal stories, and statements against sexual assault around one of our buildings on campus.
  • On April 12th, we are holding our 7th annual Take Back The Night. The event gives advocates and survivors of sexual and domestic violence a voice to speak out against violence against women. Students will march around campus and convene in a safe space to share their stories. Thousands of marches are held around the world every year, click here to find an event near you.
Use this month to make a difference in your campus community.

photo courtesy of bex011087 via flickr

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