Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not an April Fools Joke: Lilith Fair to Give $$ to CPCs?

The woman-centric music tour, Lilith Fair, is making a comeback and this year, they are donating one dollar from every ticket sold in each of the tour's 36 stops to a women's charity in that city. Right on.

Once you become a fan on the tour's official facebook page, you can then vote for the local organization you'd like to see receive the dough.


Lilith Fair prides itself on being pro-choice and all for women's empowerment, so why would they include anti-choice centers that purposefully misinform women about abortion, birth control, and their pregnancy options, on the list of charities to donate to? A spokesperson for the tour claims that a simple online search for women's charities in the local areas turned the CPCs up, and they were added to the list without question or further investigation. Just goes to show you how deceptive these fake clinics really are!

Well, now the lack of attention on the part of the tour organizers is backfiring. Lilith fans are, not surprisingly, causing an uproar, both online and with questions for the tour's organizers. A facebook page called "Lilth Fair: No Money for Crisis Pregnancy Centers" already has over 985 fans.

Tour organizers have essentially stated that the CPCs will remain on the list and it will be up to local residents to vote and decide what they want their money going to. However, the tour founders (Sarah McLachlan, Terry McBride, Dan Fraser and Marty Diamond) will make the final call between the top three charities in each city.

While I can't imagine the CPCs stand a chance at winning (though you never know - they do have an army of supporters behind them), the fact that the tour will not remove them from the list of possible charities is outrageous. Including these bogus centers that deceive and misinform women among the list of credible, honest and effective organizations that promote women's health and empowerment only serves to legitimize the fake clinics and give them credit where none is due.

The facebook page has a new update that makes it seem like the tour organizers may be realizing what a mess they've gotten themselves into and may be changing their stance, but we'll have to wait and see. We'll keep you updated!

And don't forget! April is the month to Expose Fake Clinics! CPCs often target college campuses with their deceptive advertisements and false information, so be sure to educate students on your campus about their harmful practices. Join the campaign!

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