Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Case Western FMLA changes mind, chooses life

Just kidding. The FMLA at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland is decidedly not pregnant. April Fool's!

We're encouraging feminist students groups to raise awareness about CPCs throughout April. So to commemorate April Fool's Day, CWRU FMLA distributed fliers on campus encouraging students facing unintended pregnancies not to be deceived anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers offering free health care. The FMLA suggested nearby comprehensive women's health clinics students could visit instead.

Check out the fliers they handed out, using tips FMF organizer Jacqueline posted:


Students who may be pregnant need to see professional health care providers, whether or not they plan to carry a pregnancy to term. CPCs just offer anti-abortion volunteers in lab coats waving an ultrasound wand at you and dispensing quack medical advice. Which would you choose?

Even worse, the thousands of CPCs across the country vastly outnumber real women's clinics, and they receive thousands of dollars in state and federal funding. College health centers include local crisis pregnancy center information in their pregnancy referrals.

If there are CPCs in your area and/or advertising on campus, check out FMF's Campaign to Expose Fake Clinics. It's easy to get on board, and you can contact an FMF campus organizer for more tips and suggestions. Our goal is to ensure women around the country know CPCs do not provide factual medical information, petition health centers to list CPCs as anti-abortion organizations in their referral resources, and to cut off government funding for these fake clinics.

To the Case FMLA and all the feminist groups working to expose fake clinics: keep up the great prochoice work and let us know how you're supporting comprehensive clinics!

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