Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Look Mom, No Photoshop!

I know the topic of retouching is not a new one, but it is something that I have noticed a lot of chatter about recently. Similarly to the recent trend to use plus size models, the new cool thing to do is not retouch your models or even release pictures of yourself unretouched.

Ms. Blog did an interesting post on whether released untouched photos
is "Empowering or Just More ‘Empower-tainment’?" A big problem that people have with these unretouched photos is they are still not realistic. Jessica Simpson still looks gorgeous, Britney may have some lumps and bruises but she still looks hot, and where is the cellulite on the plus size models? Where are the real people?

Great that Ms. Universe isn't photoshopped, but she doesn't even need to be!:

Also, I'm sorry Jessica, but you are definitely wearing some makeup:

Unfortunately, I don't think they are going to be showing "real people" in magazines anytime soon, but they are getting closer.

Any attention to what people actually look like is a step in the right direction. Every day in magazines and other media we face completely altered images and are convinced that those images should be our standards of beauty. What people don't understand is that nobody actually looks like that! I just wish people could realize that what they are striving for is a mirage.
Here is a really interesting website that showcases a professional retoucher's portfolio. Look at the dramatic differences between the retouched and touched photos.

I don't know how many of you have seen this Dove video from 2006, but it is a perfect example of how unrealistic beauty in the media is:

People can't get away with retouching as much as they used to.
Here are a some satisfying examples of magazines and advertisements getting called out for extreme retouching:

Are those the same legs?

Oops forgot to photoshop the reflection:

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nobody said...

"Real people?"

Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, as un-photoshopped, are real. You don't have to be plus-sized to be real.