Friday, April 23, 2010 Takes on Anti-Choice Campus Newspaper Ads

Our powerful, progressive friends over at have started a new petition that many of you campus feminists should know a thing or two about - asking campus newspaper editors to pull deceptive anti-abortion "advertisements".

Many of you have probably (unfortunately) seen anti-choice "advertising supplements", chock-full of false information about abortion, birth control and condoms in your campus newspaper. The Human Life Alliance is one anti-choice group that's been particularly active targeting campus papers with their lies and it turns out they also go so far as to shame rape and incest victims.

Sign the petition to "Tell Campus Papers to Pull Deceptive Anti-Choice Advertising" now and read an accompanying story featuring the Stony Brook FMLA.

The petition is currently targeting these school papers: UW-Green Bay Fourth Estate, UW-La Crosse Racquet, Stony Brook Statesman, The Marquette Tribune, UW-Whitewater The Purple Voice, UW-Madison Badger Herald, UW-River Falls The Student Voice, UW-Milwaukee Post and UW-Eau Claire The Spectator. If your campus is running anti-choice ads but didn't make the list, start a petition on your campus and let know!

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