Friday, May 15, 2009

Feminist Forum: Young, Feminist & A MOTHER ?!?!?!

Contributing journalist to The Nation and political and cultural critic, Nona Willis Aronowitz, wrote a very interesting piece recently entitled, "Raising the Baby Question", highlighting the debates among young and old feminists about mothering and caregiving. She delves into the idea of expanding our conversations surrounding reproductive justice and not to leave political and social issues of maternity leave, affordable child care, and balanced parenting to mainstream mommies who find a separation between family life and feminist ideals.

She also touches on the stigmatization of young, working class mothers and mothers of color, and how their voices are left unheard in these debates. This is profoundly the case in this clip I found of the old 70s sitcom, Good Times, where character J.J. (the eldest son of the Evans family) announces he wants to marry his new girlfriend, Henrietta, who is unexpectedly invited to dinner. When she arrives, a party of one becomes a surprising party of two. Mr. and Mrs. Evans are not too thrilled and sadly criticizes Henrietta's decision to become a mother. The ending of the clip disturbed me greatly because she was characterized as a victim of her own choice.

Check out the article and the clip and tell us what you think!   Peace.

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