Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Are Women Funny? Heck Ya!

So I am sure you have all heard someone say that women are not funny. I mean even this ass said it in Vanity Fair, but I am here to beg the differ. While there are obviously a lot of great male comedians, there are also amazing women doing comedy and some with a feminist lens!

First off, as a feminist, you have probably heard of Sarah Haskins from Current T.V. Right? Ok Sarah is my hero, calling out sexist advertising when needed.(ALL THE TIME) Sarah’s witty commentary on commercials relating women’s vaginas to out of control bushes or commenting on the newest 'beauty contraptions,' is a breath of fresh side splitting air that makes watching TV much more bearable and entertaining. Now when a Carl's Jr. ad comes on I won’t sink into hopeless despair for mankind, but remember that Sarah has my back and smile.

*** note: as I was writing this I was told her show in no longer on. Sad News...but we will always have her videos

Next I have to share Amy Poehler. I know her and Tina Fey are obviously and probably the most famous funny ladies, however I want to share a Poehler project you may have not heard about. Smart Girls at the Party is Amy's new show showcasing girls doing awesome things. I love Amy Poehler, have been a fan since UCB, but this show is amazing. Not only does Amy lend her name to a great show focusing on young girls doing cool things, but this show has a
feminist lean. Any somewhat mainstream show telling girls to be themselves and have cool hobbies is revolutionary in my eyes. This show is just what we need to help change the lives of girls and comedy.

Besides these online shows doing great work, I also want to highlight women in stand up. Often women go unseen in this comedic medium, but here is proof that that is no longer the case.

Pretty Funny Women is a great comedy tour of female stand-ups. I had the pleasure of seeing these ladies and had a blast. If you check out their site you will see profiles of 20 women paving the way for women in comedy. What is even greater is that these women offer classes to pull out your pretty funny woman. Not only are these women changing the landscape of stand-up, but they are working to fill it with more funny women.

Maria Bamford, who is part of Pretty Funny Women, is a great 'underground' female comic. Maria ,who has actually been around for years, performs with the likes of Zach Galifianakis, Patton Oswald, and Brian Posehn (considered to be changing and revolutionizing stand-up). Maria is so so rad. She doesn't do stereotypical 'female' comedy,(i.e. PMS- although funny)
in fact her humor is very gender neutral. Her sets include voices, impersonations, and songs. Love her!

Lastly, many of you have probably noticed comedians mixing music and jokes together. Some funny females to check out in this style are Garfunkel and Oates, Charlyne Yi, and the well know Sara Silverman. These women are mixing two great artistic mediums together and bringing a female face to the comedy table.

After gathering this list for you, I can't help but feel hopeful that the comedy landscape is changing. These women are amazing, funny, smart, and just what we need to change woman's place in entertainment. Watch, share, and spread the laughter.

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I'm going to plug Kate Beaton. Her history comic is really good.