Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It is so disheartening to see Sarah Palin's anti-choice agenda pushed on the cover of a mainstream gossip magazine. Yes, both the Palins made a "choice," as the cover says. Yet Sarah Palin wants to deprive American women of the right to make that choice. About as ironic as Bristol Palin's abstinence-only advocacy, huh?

More over at Jezebel.


Tania said...

Can we also talk about Rachel Zoe's rib cage? Yowza!

candy said...

My head may explode.

Allison said...

Bristol Palin may want to leave "love" alone as she does not seem to know how to practice the abstinence she proclaims. Nor does she know how to use birth control. Do the Palins need another out-of-wedlock child from a deadbeat boy? I am pro-choice because I choose to value my own life.