Friday, January 22, 2010

Can we really erase the past?

A grave injustice is in the works that must be brought to national attention. As of September 20th 2009, the Texas State Board of Education is in the process of changing their Social Studies curriculum. The revision they are planning to make will include the removal of some of our greatest revolutionary leaders from the African American, Chicano and Feminist communities.

Thurgood Marshall, late supreme court justice and one of the most influential judicators on the Brown v. Topeka case as well as the Roe v. Wade case... BLACKLISTED!!!!!

Ceasar Chavez, late union organizer, co-founder of the United Farm Workers (U.F.W.) and one of the leaders of the Chicano liberation movement in the U.S... BLACKLISTED!!!!!!!

Anne Hutchins, one of the original Puritan settlers in Massachusetts who was exiled for disagreeing with some of the scriptures and having spiritual meetings in her home that brought women together... BLACKLISTED!!!!!

These revolutionary figures have been deemed by the right-wingers as "not acceptable role models" for various reasons. Since Texas is one of the largest purchasers of textbook in the U.S., and are allowing these changes to be made in their curriculum, the major publishers may remove these influential leaders from the textbooks for all classrooms across the nation! Once again showing that Christian Fundamentalism trying to throw its weight around, we must not let the "fat cats" take away our history. If they are allowed to remove these leaders from the history books, who will be next? Take a stand and get informed on this topics, click these links for more info here, here, and here.

photos provided by flickr via Grandlepuck, cbonney's, and uncle buddha

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