Friday, January 15, 2010

A step forward in education and liberation!

Hello my fellow feminists,

For many of the California State University students on the quarter system, it is back to the books and the start of recruiting for various organizations. The Cal State Los Angeles FMLA chapter has been out there working hard spreading the word about feminism and getting students involved with feminist issues. My colleagues have been out in their classes talking with instructors and students, gaining support from the educational community at CSULA.

Here is a link to our flyer and calendar of events for the winter quarter.

We were able to see the benefits of our recruitment efforts with a large turnout for our first meeting and workshop. All of our members were excited to see the new faces and hear the exchange of ideas from our fellow students/activists. We did have some new officer positions that became available and I was able to take the position of recruitment officer. We also had an awesome workshop on human trafficking done by our colleague Paula Potter. She brought some good points about the human trafficking industry and the corruption that surrounds the issue in the political aspect.

For more information on human trafficking click here.
So from the turn out that we had at our first meeting, the responses and dialogue that followed the presentation, we felt that our first meeting went very well. I look forward to doing more with our organization and the events that we have planned for the up coming weeks. I'll keep you posted on the activism going on at the CSULA campus. Stay involved and keep up the fight for equality!

Frank Perez
Choices Campus Leadership Program Intern

photos complements of myself and Flickr via Chris Delk

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Kat said...

Does anyone else find it really disturbing that the picture used for "human trafficking" could just as easily be found in a fashion magazine? It seems really creepy that the image is pretty sexualized.