Monday, January 11, 2010

This is your brain on patriarchy

Remember the childhood brain games that challenged you to find what was missing or different between two very similar images?

Well, here's my feminist brain challenge for the day: make a list of just how many things are wrong with this article.


Where to begin?!

Leave your list in the comments!


Photo courtesy of K. Sawyer on Flickr

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PatRice said...

Ironically, Huffington Post has also posted an article ( online about this hot-messness! I mean, Really? I'm just so stunned by how much we're invested in satisfying a man's libido or correcting it for that matter (example: insurance coverage of Viagra & erectile dysfunction). Yet, women are STRUGGLIN' to keep basic reproductive care LEGAL, let alone covered.

As James Brown would say, "This is a Man's WORLD!"