Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Disgusting Display of Misogyny for the Day

Here's a little scenario for you. Tania and I are cruising through the town of Greenville, SC, on our way to meet with some folks at Furman College.

We reach a stoplight, and I hear Tania say "Oh no, that's disgusting." I look up, and on the rear window of the SUV right in front of us is this horrifying vinyl sticker, pictured at the right.

It made my stomach turn. We sat there, staring in abject horror, and finally the light changed. When we got stopped at another stop light, we pulled up NEXT to the SUV this time.

Driving the car was a man. Seated next to him in the passenger's seat was a woman. "Don't you know you're a participant in your own oppression?" I rhetorically asked as we pulled away.

Take away message - Feminism is certainly not dead. There's a reason we're organizing in the South. Even if sometimes it makes my heart sink with disgust, it's vital that we remember the importance of getting up every day and LIVING OUR POLITICS. There is always - always - something to organize around, and we need your help doing it.

Want to start a campus group? Are you a feminist in NC, SC, or GA and want Val and Tania to come by while we're in the area? Email No matter where you are, in what climate, we are more than happy to help you get started. Drop us a line!

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WendyM said...

That is horrible on so many levels. It's amazing **SARCASM** how much the confederate flag can add to the overall abomination that is that image.

And you're right. THIS is exactly why our work is relevant!