Thursday, September 3, 2009

Get involved with the feminist group on campus!

September is here and that means the weather is getting cooler (quite the contrary in Los Angeles), the summer is gently fading, and people are going back to school!

Would you like to take action for women's rights on your college campus? Interested in feminist issues? What to do something to stop violence against women and sexual assault, ensure women have safe and legal access to abortions and birth control, fight for marriage equality, stop negative images of women in the media, narrow the salary gap between the sexes, or expose fake clinics? We hope so.

We at the FMF urge you to get involved with your feminist group on campus if you aren't involved already!

With 7 fabulous national campus organizers, we can put you in contact with the group on your campus, or help you start a new group!

To get involved please contact us!

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