Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Iran Awakening

Remember when Iran was all over the news just a few months ago? As the regime cracked down hard on its citizens following the violent post-election fallout,it was the women of Iran who emerged as the face of the deadly protests, exposing to the world not only the strong desire for democracy in the country, but the vibrant and active women's rights movement in the Islamic Republic. Not to mention organized.

Since then, Iran has all but vanished from the American media's ever short attention span. Ahmadinejad has been sworn in despite the hundreds of lives lost in protest, and Iranian voices from the ground in Tehran silenced, but the desire for democracy has not died.

Ann Curry is doing a special series on Iran that I encourage you all to watch because it gives us a glimpse into the real Iran, into the lives of real Iranians. A refreshing take on a country the media generally encourages us to be afraid of.

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