Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sgt. Mjr. Teresa King, Highest Ranking Woman Soldier in US Army

According to the Feminist Majority Foundation, after 234 years of existence, the US Army has finally appointed its first woman to lead the largest drill sergeant school in the country.

Command Sergeant Major Teresa King is the first woman to head the drill sergeant training school in Fort Jackson, SC, and she is also the first woman to attain the highest rank possible for a soldier, sergeant major. Her appointment marks a significant advancement for women in the male-dominated armed forces!

A documentary, “Women in the Military: Willing, Able, Essential” by Susan Sherwood, details the the history of women serving and volunteering in gendered jobs (i.e. as nurses, laundry attendants, etc.). In the documentary, Sherwood also looks at women in recent history serving in the armed forces as military police, convoy drivers, and various other stereotypically "male" positions.

Perhaps, in her next documentary, Sherwood will include stories of more high-ranking women like Command Sergeant Major Teresa King!

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