Thursday, September 10, 2009

Glee brings feminist sex positivity to TV

After watching the President's address to Congress last night (more on that to come), I tuned into some slightly lighter fare: the season premiere of Glee.

This was only the second episode ever, but I have to say I am digging this show. I'm a sucker for musicals, and while the show initially appeared to be a High School Musical rip-off when first advertised, it actually has a lot of dark humor and smart dialogue that make it anything but. Also, Jane Lynch, who pretty much pwns anything she ever does. One thing that is making my white privilege radar go off is the character Mercedes Jones, who seems to be stuck in some sassy black girl stereotypes, but I am hoping that they will develop her character and the rest of the supporting cast over the season.

Some slight spoilers ahead, so reader beware.

Last night's episode made me exceptionally happy with its sex positive message. Rachel, the talented outcast leading the glee club, joins the celibacy club in an attempt to win the affections of Finn, her fellow glee member. The activities of the club are played for some cheap laughs (which I enjoyed) until Rachel just can't take it anymore. She addresses the club with a kickass speech (I couldn't get a clip, so go to 21:47 to check it out)

Rachel: Did you know that most studies have demonstrated that celibacy doesn't work in high schools? Our hormones are driving us too crazy to abstain. The second we start telling ourselves that there's no room for compromise we act out. The only way to deal with teen sexuality is to be prepared. That's what contraception is for.

Quinn: Don't you dare mention the "C" word.

Rachel: You want to know a dirty little secret that none of them want you to know? Girls want sex just as much as guys do.

Boy: Is that accurate?

Contraception talk and an acknowledgment of female sexuality? Be still my feminist heart!

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