Tuesday, November 10, 2009

237 Millionaires in Congress Alone

The unemployment rates of the nation’s capital is up to 10.2 percent. Despite such steep levels of unemployment, some lawmakers are doing quite well. 44 percent of Congress members are millionaires. Huge discrepancy? I think so.

According to CommonDreams.org, 237 member of Congress qualify as millionaires, with at least 7 that have net worth of over 100 million dollars. What is funding these millionaires? Certainly, not their salaries alone. Even if their government salaries are over the hundred-thousand mark, “many of them have riches well beyond that salary, supplemented with securities, stock holdings, property and other investments.”

Even with the economy in a slum, some lawmakers continue to turn a profit... But it is not fair to say that all members are in the green. Some are struggling financially with net worth below zero.

Decide for yourself, you do the math! 10.2 percent unemployment rate in the DC area vs 237 millionaires running the country. I personally think the scales could use some tipping in the other direction.

Photo Credit: Amagill on flickr.com

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Kaylyn said...

This is extremely messed up, but I'm not surprised either.