Friday, November 13, 2009

First Female Football (soccer) game in the West Bank

Football (most Americans know it as Soccer) has always been an important sport in the West Bank. Over 10,000 women flocked to the recent game between the Palestinian Women's National team and Jordan. Before the game, both teams took laps of honor recognizing the importance of the game where social conservatism disapproves of women playing a men's game.

Previous attempts to set up a women's national team in Kuwait was met with outrage and halted by the country's parliament. As quoted, "Committee members expressed their indignation...and total rejection of the idea of the women's football team on the grounds that football is not suitable for women. " In Iran women are banned from attending matches and those on women's teams have to wear a hijab.

One of the hardest struggles facing women football players is convincing their families to let them play, the article noted that some players "still face problems."

However,after two years of struggling for social and political acceptance and allowance...the final whistle blew signaling the end of the first game of many. The two teams hugged and took another lap around the field in honor of this historic moment.

Way to go Ladies!

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