Friday, November 20, 2009

Health Care Debate Conference Call

ATTENTION ACTIVISTS: Whether you're feeling fired up or totally lost in the fray of this Health Care debate, we want to help. Join us for this call next Monday and we'll be breaking it down to the basics!

When: Monday November 23rd, 8PM Eastern.
Number: Call 218-862-1300, conference code 789637.
Hosted by the Feminist Majority Foundation, Advocates for Youth, and ChoiceUSA.
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There are already restrictions in place that guarantee that no federal funding would be used to pay for abortion. But the Stupak-Pitts Amendment on the House bill goes even further! No plan included in the insurance exchange could offer abortion coverage AND it would prevent women who receive federal subsidies from purchasing plans that cover abortion.

There’s still time to stop this harmful language from being included in the final health care bill! The Senate will likely start debating its bill over the next few days, and then both bills still need to be reconciled before they become law.

Confused? It’s a complicated process – and we’re here to help sort through it all…

On Monday, November 23rd, Advocates for Youth, Choice USA and Feminist Majority Foundation will be hosting a call for youth activists from across the country.

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The purpose of the call is to:

1. Clarify the Stupak-Pitts amendment and its impact
2. Update you on the Senate version of health care reform
3. Outline where we go from here – and the role each of us has to play to protect women’s health and rights
4. Share ideas about how to activate your campus and community to make sure women’s ability to access abortions is not only for the wealthy.

If there was ever a time to get angry and organized, this is it.

So mark your calendar. Monday, November 23rd, 8PM Eastern. Call 218-862-1300 and use the conference code 789637. Be sure to RSVP.

We need to make sure our voices are heard on our campuses, in our communities and through the halls of Congress.

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