Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coat Hanger Project

Yesterday, whilst browsing the interwebs, I came across a great post on Feministing written by Miriam Perez, connecting Angie Young's Coat Hanger Project with the current legislative/cultural catastrophe that is the Stupak/Pitts amendment to the House version of health care reform.

Here's an excerpt of what Miriam had to say...

This film feels frighteningly relevant after what happened last weekend with the House's health care reform bill and the Stupak amendment.

Rather than make abortion more accessible since Roe vs. Wade, abortions have become even less accessible. The number of providers has decreased, the number of laws restricting abortion throughout the states has increased, and access to funding for women receiving health care provided by the federal government (women on Medicaid, Medicare or military insurance) has been all but eliminated.

This fight for health care reform, which is absolutely necessary, has the potential to continue rolling back our access to abortion even farther.

The history Young documents in her film is more relevant than I ever assumed it would be in my lifetime. The movie also does a great job of explaining the Reproductive Justice movement through interviews with the leaders of the movement.

Watch the video & share your thoughts!

PS - Shout out to Julie, 2008 FMF field organizer in Colorado, for all of the hard work she put in to the Coat Hanger Project, too!

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