Friday, November 6, 2009

Google's Got Gender Issues

I am not big on Halloween...I am, I just don't do the make up and the crazy costumes. I like to keep things simple and clever. So this year, I went as Google. With my homemade t-shirt that said "Search me" (take that all you 'sexy' cops!) and Google across my chest...I took to the streets, trick or treating of course.

Thanks to Feminist Law Professors, I came across this little 'experiment,' and, I must say, RIP Google dignity. I tried to give you a good name, and this is how you repay me?!?

I dare you, go to and type in "women should" and *don't click search* wait for the drop down of possible related'll be surprised at what you might find...

Women Should..."not be in combat"
Women Should..."stay at home"
Women Should..."be silent in church"
Women Should..."not wear pants"
women should..."not preach"
and let us not forget that women should..."wear white like all other domestic appliances"

Ay yi yi!


Criss L. Cox said...

Yesterday my sister pointed me to I Blame the Mother, where you can witness another Google FAIL:

Search for "bad fathering" and Google replies, "Did you mean BAD MOTHERING"

Google has lots of issues.

DominaDoll said...

Wow. Crazy! I'll have to try that. Also note that women's sexual parts will not come up in the drop-down either: vagina, clitoris, etc...