Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Post-lunch "Guess the product" Game!

Talking jealous boobs, creepy voyeurs, pervs with cameras, black and white romance novels-gone wrong: all things that do NOT belong in a sneaker ad. It's just another example of using unnecessary and excessive sexuality in marketing products and normalizing it for the public.

Maybe its just me, but I shouldn't have to hunt around in order to find uncensored videos when looking at sportswear.

This post-lunch-break game is because our feminist friend, Angela Lawson, who, after being as weirded out as I hope all of are right now, had to bring these ads to our attention (well played, Angela.)

For more procrastination fun, go youtube/google advertisements for men's sneakers and focus on the type of message given. No talking body parts or gawking girls? Wonder what this says about the way marketing views women and men?

Leave the address and a comment, I'd be interested to see what you find!!

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