Friday, November 6, 2009

Climate Change in Bolivia

The Inter Press Service did a great piece last week discussing Climate Change in Bolivia and the resulting negative effects which primarily affect women more than men. What use to be the world’s highest ski run as melted away revealing the rock and soil underneath. The once snowy mountain, Chacaltaya, is now an example of a dead glacier.

Psychologist Daniela Leytón, head of gender issues with the campaign in Latin America (a group which is pushing the December climate change summit in Copenhagen to adopt a treat limiting the allowable CO2 concentration levels) noted the adverse affects this one example of climate change had on women due to their low socioeconomic status. Women are being pushed to the limit attempting to feed their families in a time when subsistence farming families are barely able to survive. Unfortunately, climate change will not be stopped with the current lack of treaties expected from the December climate change summit in Copenhagen as expected by the New York Times and previously blogged about.

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