Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Letter from Eleanor Smeal: Take Action to Stop Stupak/Pitts

Stop Stupak Pitts

Sign Stop Stupak/Pitts Petition! We will deliver the petition on December 2.

Tell a Friend to Sign Stop Stupak/Pitts Petition

If you can, join us in DC on Wednesday December 2 for a STOP Stupak/Pitts event & Capitol Hill Visit Day! Dirksen Senate Office Building Auditorium (Dirksen G50) from 9am-4:30pm

For more event information call 703.522.2214

Pro-choice activists are coming to Washington from across the nation on Wednesday, December 2 to take our message directly to Congress: Stop STUPAK/PITTS! Pass Health Care reform with a strong Public Option. If you can not come, join in by signing the Stop Stupak petition. We will deliver them on December 2.

The House of Representatives passed a health care reform bill which includes the Stupak/Pitts amendment banning abortion coverage in both the private insurance plans and the public option. Women cannot even buy coverage with their own money. This is a giant step backward for women. Millions of women will lose abortion coverage.

The Senate version currently being debated does not include Stupak/Pitts. We need to make sure that the Senate version of the bill remains free of this killer amendment.

We need your help! Millions of women across the country are at risk of losing abortion access and affordability.

Join us in DC on Dec. 2 for an Emergency Event to Stop Stupak/Pitts and Capitol Hill Visit Day! Meet at the Dirksen Senate Office Building Auditorium (Dirksen G50) on Constitution Avenue. Please make appointments with your legislators and tell them how strongly you feel about taking away from women the right to make their own health care decisions. Then, between your meetings, join the rally from 11:30 - 1:00pm on Capitol Hill.

If DC isn't an option for you, take action where you are! Schedule a visit in the local offices of your Senators and Representative. Organize a call-in day and flood the phone lines of the Members' district and national offices. Write an op-ed. Hold your own rally. Circulate a petition and flood the fax lines while you're at it! Make your voice heard!

Women's rights and lives are not negotiating tools, and we will not stand for this!

For Women's Lives,

Ellie Smeal

Eleanor Smeal
Feminist Majority Foundation

P.S. If you're in the Los Angeles area, join us for a Stop Stupak Phone Bank at the FMF's Los Angeles Headquarters the evening of Dec. 1 and all day Dec. 2. For more information, email amcdonald@feminist.org or call 1-866-471-FMLA.

P.P.S. Please sign the Stop Stupak petition. And tell a Friend.

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