Thursday, November 12, 2009

Students Counter Protest Westboro Baptist Church Protesters

Members from the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas protested Monday on Wisconsin Avenue across from Sidwell Friends School. Students also held signs and took part in a counter-protest. The Westboro Baptists Church protesters held signs with the President’s picture saying “The Beast” and the others which said “morn for your sins.”

Google or wikipedia the Westboro Baptist Church, and a slue of things pop up regarding the beliefs and actions of group members. They range from anti-homosexual propaganda, to picketing at funerals (particularly military ones) and other types of protests. The group is well-known for the notorious and even provocative signs the members often hold.

Think Progressive showed a picture of the protesters and the Sidwell Friends School counter protest, the student’s signs in the background read a Quaker quote “there is that of God in everyone” decorated with hearts.

Administrators for the school say that since January (when the first daughters started) there have been two protests at the school. To put this into perspective it should be noted that there were only two protests total during Chelsea Clinton’s time at the school.

In the original picture, it appears the protesters had been overwhelmingly outnumbered by the students of Sidwell Friends School.

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The Bitch Is Back said...

I love how the WBC jerks can't even spell "mourn" right. :)