Monday, November 16, 2009

Guest Post: Little Acts of Feminism

Written by all-around awesome feminist and former FMF staffer Caroline Sellars; originally posted at her blog The Feminist Perspective.

The last few weeks have felt like a punch in the gut for feminists. We have seen reproductive rights chipped away from the Democratic agenda during health care negotiations and one of the most anti-woman candidates in decades become governor of Virginia.

Like many activists before me, I feel like I've hit a wall. I wonder if my work is going to make any difference in the end.

It's times like this that I get back to the basics of why I'm a feminist. I make sure to pay close attention to that little voice constantly asking me "What are you doing to improve women's lives?"

I find that little acts of feminism can keep me focused and remind me why I advocate for women. They help to restore my faith in the power of individuals to bring change.

The following are a few things I've done to reinvigorate my activism.

~ Joined my local NOW chapter
~ Signed online petitions and sent emails to my representatives
~ Donated to a magazine that empowers girls but is struggling financially
~ Volunteered with local organizations that empower women
~ Read and took strength from my fellow feminists' blogs
~ Focused my own goals through writing

I may not have the influence of a Gloria Steinem or a Terry O'Neill, but I can be part of the larger movement that gives those spokespeople the power to effect change. For there is no Ms. Magazine or National Organization for Women without the individuals who support them, and the big change we seek can only happen when thousands of small acts become a grassroots movement.

It is important for activists to share their ideas and experiences with one another, so I want to hear from you. What little acts of feminism have you engaged in lately?

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WendyM said...

Caroline, you rock! Thanks for your amazing and inspiring words!